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~Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses~

~ Training ~

We are happy to offer training at our facility.  We specialize in training Gypsies, but will consider all breeds on a case by case basis.  We use a combination of natural horsemanship, reining, and classical dressage as the foundation for our training program.    

We have 2 different trainers available that offer different training techniques depending on what you and your equine need.

Syneva Blatchford (owner) has been active in the Gypsy breed for nearly 20 years, and can provide riding training as well as driving training prep work (desensitizing, ground driving, dragging tires, etc.)  The fee for riding/driving prep work training is $750 per month, and includes monthly board.

Susan Catt has a background in working with Mustangs and has a real gift when it comes to connecting with shy, sensitive, and/or feral horses that need gentling.  She can provide foundation training on the ground to help build confidence, teach manners, get exposure, and learn the basics. The fee for foundtation training is $500 per month and includes monthly board.

Space is extremely limited. Please contact us for availability.

Page updated February 3, 2023.

~Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses~

Syneva Blatchford


Montrose, Colorado
Phone: 970-417-2548

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