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~Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses~
 The Gypsy Stallions of Edoras Stables 

Edoras Stables is proud to be able to stand ES Tighearnan and GBR Gandalf The White ES (more info coming soon!) for the 2021 breeding season.  These young stallions will be taking over for Luck of the Irish and Rainbows Blue Genes, who are both now semi-retired from breeding.  They are homozygous for black, with 'Mr. T' being a flashy blue blagdon and 'Apples' being a rare appy spotted that also carries the grey gene.  Below you will find links to our current stallions at stud, our past stallions, and our up and coming stallion prospects.

Now Accepting Bookings for the 2021 Breeding Season

~~~ Our Proven Stallions ~~~

~Luck of the Irish~

Photo by Jamie Mammano

Traditional Piebald Gypsy Stallion, Extremely Athletic and Talented!

~ ES Tighearnan ~

2017 Blue Blagdon Stallion. Flashy, athletic boy with hair to spare!

~Rainbow's Blue Genes~

Photo by Jamie Mammano

2005 Grey Appy Gypsy Stallion.  Very heavy bone and a traditional build!

~ GBR Gandalf The White ~

2018 Grey/Lp Gypsy Stallion. Big, heavy boned, traditional!

~~~ Our Past Stallions ~~~

~ES Gandalf The Grey~

Photo by Jamie Mammano

2006 Black Blagdon Gypsy Stallion, Extremely Heavy and Traditional! May 10, 2006 - February 16, 2018. Rest in peace, beautiful boy. :(

~~~ Up and Coming Stallion Prospects ~~~

~ ES Frodo Baggins ~

2021 Grullo Gypsy Colt

(ES Tuilelaith X DJ Duster)

~ES Alioth Artair~

*** SOLD ***

Photo by Jamie Mammano

2011 Black Blagdon Stallion Prospect.  Excellent conformtion, movement, and temperment.

Page updated September 30, 2020.

~Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses~

Syneva Blatchford


Montrose, Colorado
Phone: 970-417-2548

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