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~Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses~

~Breeding Services~

I am trained as a breeding technition, and now Edoras Stables is set up to be able to do ultrasound services (pregnancy checks, checking follicles for scheduling inseminations, etc.) and also can do on farm A.I.  Have a mare that you want to have semen shipped to, but don't want the expense of using a vet to A.I.?  Bring them to us.  Edoras Stables is now set up to recieve shipped semen and inseminate your mare without the high costs associated with most vets.  References available.

Pricing List for Services Offered

~ Mare care is $10 per day dry (mare alone) and $15 per day wet (mare and foal).

~ Pregnancy checks: $25.

~ Ultrasounds for all other reasons: $25.

~ A.I. service for semen being shipped in to our farm: $25 per insemination.

~ On farm A.I. - for mares being bred to one of our stallions: included in stud fee.

~ Any ultrasounding done to mares being bred to one of our stallions on farm: included in the stud fee.

Page update on February 3, 2023.

~Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses~

Syneva Blatchford


Montrose, Colorado
Phone: 970-417-2548

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