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~Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses~

~Beibhinn Blue~

2001 Blue Blagdon Stallion Quality Mare

(GHRA # A00000308)

DNA: EE, Sb1-n/n, PSSM1 n/n

Trained to ride.

A horse of a different color. Beibhinn (BAY-vin) Blue is a really beautiful and rare blue blagdon mare who is a one of a kind in color. She was imported from the SD farm in England. Although her color is called blue blagdon, her color is actually caused by an extreme sabino roaning.  Unlike grey horses, she will never go white, but will stay this beautiful blue color.  Blue is also homozygous for black, so she can never produce a chestnut/sorrel.  Blue is a gorgeous traditional mare and no matter what color she is, Blue is exactly want you want in a gypsy horse! She has wonderful conformation with an awesome body, nice short back, heavy bone, good neck, and TONS of silky feather! She has more feather than most stallions!  She moves really well for the "little block" type she is. You can see what a sweet personality she has in her pretty face. Blue has that classic Gypsy disposition that this breed is prized for! As the gypsies say, "She doesn't have a bit of harm in her."

Blue foaled a beautiful black blagdon filly by Silver Fox on March 21, 2013!

Blue is confirmed in foal to Silver Fox, due April 20, 2015!

~Blue's Photo Gallery~

~Blue's Offspring~

~ES Eibhleann~

2012 Black Blagdon Filly

By Luck of the Irish


~ES Dubhghall~

2010 Black Blagdon Colt

By Luck of the Irish

~ES Gandalf The Grey~

2006 Black Blagdon Colt by SD Jim

~ES Artair~

2011 Black Blagdon Colt

By Luck of the Irish


~ES Perfect Patience~

2008 Black Blagdon Filly

By Luck of the Irish

Bandera's Bold O'Donahue

aka "Blake"

2005 Black Blagdon colt by Cochise

Page updated on March 19, 2015.

~Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses~

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