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~Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses~

~Payments/Lease to Own Options Available on Most Horses~

~~~Gypsy Horses For Sale~~~


The first 300 miles of shipping included in purchase price for all available Gypsy Horses!

(Restrictions apply. Please contact us for more info.)

~ ES Sweet Magnolia ~

2023 Black Tobiano Gypsy Filly

(ES Edelweiss X GBR Gandalf The White)


ES Sweet Magnolia (a.k.a. Maggie) is an absolutely stunning black tobiano filly with blue eyes, black eyeliner, and a dark tail! She was born on May 10, 2023. Her DNA results are EE, aa, Tt, Patn1/n, n/W20, PSSM1/FIS negative. She reminds us so much of her dam, ES Edelweiss as a foal, and we believe Maggie will mature just as nicely. We believe she will stay on the smaller side like her dam, and is expected to mature around 13.3-14 hands. She is shown here at 8 months old and 1 month old, and has such a lovely shape to her. It's hard to fault this girl's conformation, bone, and hair. She is also a beautiful mover! We would love to see her in the show ring in the future! Maggie is weaned and ready to go to her new home! She comes with age appropriate training (halters, leads, stands tied, picks up feet/stands for farrier, stands for grooming, loads in a trailer, etc.).

Priced at $14,000/ Payment plans considered.

Partial trades for driving vehicles and equipment considered.

For the most recent pictures/videos of Maggie, please visit our Facebook page,

Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses

~ ES Samwise Gamgee ~

2023 Chestnut Gypsy Colt

(ES Tuilelaith X Desert Jewel Duster)


ES Samwise Gamgee is a beautiful chestnut Gypsy colt. We are very pleased with him so far! He is put together just right, he's sweet and friendly and loves his scratches! It looks like he will have a flaxen mane and tail, and is shedding out a dark, rich chestnut color. Sam has a great presence to him (he knows he is something special!), He is THICK with proper Gypsy conformation that is hard to fault. He would be a great stallion prospect, or a wonderful gelding. Sam comes with registration with GVHS and GHRA. He will be weaned and ready to go to his new home in October. We would love to see him in the show ring, so special consideration given to a show home. DNA: ee, aa, W20/n, PSSM1/FIS negative. Sam will come with age appropriate training (halter, lead, stand tied, pick up feet/stand for farrier, load in a trailer, etc.).

Asking $9,000 as a gelding/ $12,000 intact.
Payment plans available. Will also consider partial trades for driving vehicles.


For the most recent pictures/videos of Samwise, please visit our Facebook page,

Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses

~ ES Ostara ~

2023 Black Gypsy Horse FIlly

(ES Daenerys X Luck of the Irish)


ES Ostara is a beautiful, sweet, and VERY friendly filly out of our mare, ES Daenerys, by our foundation stallion, Luck of the Irish.  She is solid black with 2 hind stocking, and interesting blaze, and has a fleck of blue in each eye.  She has a very friendly, 'in your pocket' kind of temperament, and nickers at me every time I walk past her pen.  She LOVES attention!  She has lovely conformation, a beautiful head, nice carriage, and flashy movement. Her DNA results are EE, W20/n, PSSM1 and FIS negative. Ostara will be weaned late summer, and will come with age appropriate handling/training (trained to catch, lead, tie, pick up feet, load in a trailer, etc.).  

Ostara is available to the perfect home.  Special consideration given to a show home.

Priced at $12,500 

For the most recent pictures/videos of Ostara, please visit our Facebook page,

Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses

~~ Gypsy Horses Who Have SOLD! ~~

~ ES Dunnie Darko ~

2021 Solid Grullo Gypsy Colt

(Strawberry Delight X Desert Jewel Duster)


We are proud to offer, for your consideration, ES Dunnie Darko, aka 'Donnie'. Wow! What a little poser this guy is! It's hard to fault this boy's conformation. He has a pretty head, lovely arched neck that ties in well to his sloping shoulder. Short back and nice round hind quarters, and he is a pretty mover too! His beautiful grullo color is just the icing on the cake. Donnie's DNA results are a/a, E/e, D/nd2, W20/n, PSSM1 and FIS negative!

Donnie was born May 6, 2021, and is a smart, sensitive guy. He should make one heck of a performance horse someday! We expect him to finish in the 13.2-14 hand range. Since we were blessed with two lovely grullo colts this season, Donnie is looking for a new herd. Offered intact or gelded.

Asking $16,000 intact; $12,000 gelded.

Payment plans can be discussed!


~ ES Hey Jude ~

2021 Traditional Gypsy Colt

(ES Dear Prudence X Starfire's The Monarch)


ES Hey Jude is a sweet, black/white traditional Gypsy colt that we expect to finish around 13.2-14 hands.  He has perfect 50/50 markings, and is as stout as they come!  This boy is a CHUNK!  He has been easy to be around since day one and loves his attention.  He will come knowing all the basics (haltering, leading, loading in a trailer, picking up feet, standing tied, etc.). Jude will be weaned in early November, and will be ready to go shortly after that.  He is offered intact or gelded. 

Asking Price as a Gelding:

$6,000 Cash; $7,000 on payments

Asking Price Intact:

$8,000 Cash; $9,000 on payments


~ ES Snickerdoodle ~

2020 Black Tobiano Blue Eyed Gypsy Filly

(Pumpkin X ES Tighearnan)


ES Snickerdoodle (aka Cookie) is our only filly from 2020, and wow! She is incredible! She is our first foal from our young stallion, ES Tighearnan, out of Pumpkin, who has proven to be an amazing producer! Cookie is put together just right with great movement and a sweet, friendly personality. She also has some good size to her, and we expect her to finish in the mid 14 hand range. This flashy girl is Ee, heterozygous for tobiano, and is negative for PSSM1. Cookie is available to the perfect home.

Photos at 6 weeks old and 1 year old.


$10,500 CASH; $12,000 on payments.


~ ES Little Laurus ~

(The Spice Tree Mare X GBR Beorn)

2020 Bay Tobiano Gypsy Colt


ES Little Laurus (The Spice Tree Mare X GBR Beorn) is a gorgeous, sweet, chunky little colt. We expect him to stay on the smaller side (around 13 hands), but what he lacks in height he makes up for in substance. This boy is THICK! And has the CUTEST little pony head with beautiful marbled blue eyes. Laurus has some excellent breeding behind him. He is a half brother to our awesome mare, Sweet Potato (ES The Sage Filly), and his sire is a grandson of St. Clarins and The Midget Stallion. He is PSSM1 negative via parentage, but has not been color tested yet. He could be homozygous for agouti and/or tobiano. Laurus is shown here at 2.5 months old, and will be ready to seek a new zipcode after he is weaned (around Christmas/New Years).  He is currently available as a gelding.  Please contact us to discuss intact pricing.

Asking Price:

$5,000 CASH; $6,000 on payments.


~ ES Independence ~

2020 Solid Bay Gypsy Colt

(ES Daenerys X GBR Beorn)


ES Independence (aka "Indy") is a beautiful solid bay Gypsy colt out of ES Daenerys (Strawberry Delight X Rainbows Blue Genes), by the stallion GBR Beorn. He was born on July 4, 2020, and is shown here at 2.5 months old. He is a sweet, friendly boy, how loves to go exploring on his own already. We expect this boy to have some height to him (mid 14 hand range) since he is 'all legs' at this point. He was born a bright bay color, but is shedding out very dark, so we expect him to be quite dark as maturity. He has lovely, balanced conformation, and is a very fancy mover. Indy is seeking a new pasture after weaning. Currently offered as a gelding. Please feel free to contact us for more information about intact pricing on Indy!

Asking Price:

$5,000 CASH; $6,000 on payments.


~ ES Peyote ~

2020 Black Tobiano Blue Eyed Colt

(ES Edelweiss X Rainbows Blue Genes)


ES Peyote (ES Edelweiss X Rainbows Blue Genes), shown at about 7.5 weeks old. This handsome colt is put together just right! What a little chunk he is already! His tiny head with ice blue eyes is set on top of a lovely arched neck that ties into a powerful shoulder, short back, and apple butt. His movement leaves nothing to be desired! Peyote's DNA results are aa, EE, W20/n, TO/n, PSSM1 negative. Peyote will be looking for a new home after he is weaned. He is currently offered as a gelding.  Contact us for intact pricing info.

Asking Price:

$5,000 CASH; $6,000 on payments.


~ ES Hermione ~

2018 Black Tobiano Gypsy Filly

(Strawberry Delight X ES Gandalf The Grey)

No Longer Offered For Sale

ES Hermione (Strawberry Delight X ES Gandalf The Grey) is a gorgeous traditional Gypsy filly. She is one of the last foals from ES Gandalf The Grey, and the first one we have decided we can part with (as hard as that is for us). This pretty girl has SD breeding on both sides (she is a granddaughter of SD Chief on her dam's side, and SD Jim on her sire's side). Hermione has wonderful, balanced conformation, and should be heavy and hairy as an adult. We expect her to finish around 14 hands, and her DNA results are Ee, Tt, PSSM1 negative. She will be weaned and ready to go to her new home by early December 2018. We will be very picky about where she goes, and special consideration will be given to a show home.

No Longer Offered For Sale

~ ES Thumbelina ~

2017 Solid Bay Filly

(Peekaboo X GBR Beorn)


We are very pleased to introduce this lovely filly! ES Thumbelina is a gorgeous, tiny, solid bay filly, out of Peekaboo (ES Perfect Patience X Rainbow's Blue Genes), by our friend's stallion, GBR Beorn. She was born May 2, 2017, just after midnight. Both parents are on the shorter side, so we expect this little lady to mature around 13.1 hands. She has lovely conformation, a sweet head, and an even sweeter personality. This girl just wants to be your best friend.  She is also quite unique with her somatic mutation that causes the black spot on her right hip. She has one copy of agouti, and could carry a red gene as well. She is PSSM1 negative via parentage.  Thumbelina has age appropriate training done, including ground driving, and has been shown at the Colorado Gypsy Fest in halter, in hand trail, and obstacle ground driving. 30 days of riding or driving training is included in her purchase price.

Thumbelina has been confirmed in foal to a well bred GRULLA Gypsy stallion!  She is now offered as a 2 in 1 package! Color possibilities of the foal include grulla, bay dun, bay, or black. Don't let this amazing opportunity pass you by!

Thumbelina is available to the perfect home.

Asking Price:

$16,000 Cash; $18,000 on payments.


~ ES Dubhghall ~

2010 Black Blagdon Gypsy Gelding

(Beibhinn Blue X Luck of the Irish)


Dubhghall is listed for sale on our consignment page.  Please click on his picture to be directed to more pictures, video, and information.

~ ES Gimli ~

2019 Solid Bay Gypsy Colt

(ES Tuilelaith X FKGH Lord Creedance)


We are very pleased to offer ES Gimli for your consideration. Gimi was born May 9th, 2019 and has been a stunner from day one!  He is a big boy with a stout build, heavy bone and feather, wide chest, strong back and hind quarters, beautiful movement, rich bay color (with black feather in front!), and lots of PRESENCE!  Gimli will have age appropriate handling (he will know how to lead, tie, pick up feet, stand for grooming, load in a trailer, etc.) by the time he is ready to leave for his new home (early November 2019).  Gimli's DNA reults are Ee, Aa, W20/W20, n/P1.  We would love to see this boy in the show ring! Gimli's parents have both earned Champion and/or Reserve Champion titles. Is Gimli your next champion? He is available as a gelding or a stallion prospect.  Special consideration given to a show home,

Asking Price: 

$5,000 Cash; $6,000 on payments - as a gelding.

$7,000 Cash; $8,000 on payments - intact.


~ ES Basil ~

2011 Bay Tobiano Riding Gelding

(The Spice Tree Mare X ES Gandalf The Grey)


Basil is listed on our 'Consignment' page. Please click on his picture to be directed to more pictures, video, and information.

~ ES Batman ~

2017 Black Tobiano Gypsy Colt

(Strawberry Delight X Luck of the Irish)


Batman is out of Strawberry Delight, by Luck of the Irish (Ziggy). Batman has great conformation, a beautiful head, lovely movement, lots of silky feather, and a sweet 'in your pocket' personality. He is a black tobiano with the sought after black tail, one mostly blue eye, and heavy roaning on his flanks. He should mature to around 13.3-14 hands. Batman is available to an approved home. Special consideration to a show home.


$4,500 cash; $5,500 on payments - as a gelding.

$6,500 cash: $7,500 on payments - intact. 


~ ES Lorcan ~

2015 Black Blagdon Gelding

(Beibhinn Blue X Silver Fox)


ES Lorcan has his own page!

Please click on the picture above for more pictures and info on Lorcan.

~ ES Aspen ~

2018 Black Pintaloosa Gypsy Colt

(ES Edelweiss X Rainbow's Blue Genes)


ES Aspen (ES Edelweiss X Rainbows Blue Genes), shown here at about 2 months old and 4 months old. This chunky little guy is such a cutie! We expect him to finish on the smaller side (between 13.2-14 hands). Aspen has wonderful conformation, very thick and cobby already, with a nice broad chest, apple butt, rainbow neck, and one of the cutest little pony heads we have seen, complete with 2 beautiful blue eyes! He has very attractive markings, and although he has a lot of white, at least he got a black tail ;) His DNA results are EE, aa, Tt, Lplp, nW20, nP1. Aspen is available to an approved home, and will be ready to go to his new home at 6 months old (Nov 1, 2018).


$5,500 CASH or $6,500 on payments - gelded.

$7,500 CASH or $8,500 on payments - intact. 


~ ES Dulce de Leche ~

2017 Bay Tobiano Filly

(Pumpkin X SD Murphy)


Dulce is one of our favorites from our 2017 foal crop. This amazing filly screams quality! She is out of our award winning mare, Pumpkin (Grand Champion Junior Mare/High Point mare - October Gypsy Fest 2016; Grand Champion Driving Horse - Feathered Horse Classic West 2016), and by the multiple Grand and Reserve Grand Champion winning stallion SD Murphy! This girl is destined to shine in the show ring! She has outstanding conformation with a super short back, awesome rainbow neck, apple butt, wide chest, and is just a muscly little TANK! She is a beautiful bay with stunning blue eyes, and that 'look at me' presence. She is sweet and sassy, and we just love everything about her! Her DNA results are Ee, Aa, TT, nP1. We will be extremely picky about the home she goes to, and want to see her get out in the show ring.

Asking $12,000. No payment plans available at this time.


~ ES Aragorn ~

aka 'Strider'

2017 Homozygous Solid Black Colt

(ES Tuilelaith X Northern Lights Twelve O'clock Rock)


ES Aragorn (aka Strider) is a 2017 homozygous black Gypsy colt for your consideration. This handsome boy has lovely conformation, a cute head, and beautiful movement. His dam is our young mare, ES Tuilelaith. She has done very will in the show ring, winning Grand Champion Junior Mare at the 2016 October Gypsy Fest, and also earned a 1st Premium in the GHRA Evaluations at only 3.5 years old. His sire is the gorgeous buckskin stallion, Rock, owned by Golden Oak Gypsies. Strider should finish about 14.2 hands. He was born April 25, 2017, and will be weaned and ready to go early October. PSSM1 negative. Several pricing options available, and payment plans accepted.
$5,000 as a gelding - Cash Price.
$6,000 as a gelding - Payments.
$7,000 intact - Cash Price.
$8,000 intact - Payments.

~ES Tarragon~

2016 Black Tobiano Colt

(The Spice Tree Mare X ES Gandalf The Grey)


ES Tarragon, aka 'Manny', is a beautiful black tobiano colt out of The Spice Tree Mare (Kizzie), by our stallion ES Gandalf The Grey. He is a full brother to ES Rue, and our mare, ES The Sage Filly (Sweet Potato), who has won multiple championships (Grand Champion Mare, two overall Reserve Grand Champion titles, and one overall Grand Champion title!). He is shown here at one week shy of 2 months old. This handsome colt is offered for sale to a wonderful home. Special consideration given to a show home.

Several pricing options available:
$5,000 as a gelding - Cash Price.
$6,000 as a gelding on payments.
$7,000 as a stallion prospect - Cash Price.
$8,000 as a stallion prospect on payments.


~ES Aine~

2014 Black Blagdon 3/4 Gypsy Filly

(Zelda X ES Gandalf The Grey)


ES Aine (AWN-ye) is a beautiful black blagdon filly by our stallion, ES Gandalf The Grey, out of our lovely Gypsy cross mare, Zelda (by Luck of the Irish, aka 'Ziggy'), making her 3/4 Gypsy. We feel that she will mature to look very much like a purebred. Should mature in the 14-14.2 hand range. Pictured here at 9 days old, and enjoying her first turnout in the big arena.


$5,000 (payments)

$4,000 CASH PRICE!

A good home is a MUST!

~ Rambo ~

2011 Grey/Appy Purebred Gypsy Gelding

(Rainbow's Strawberry Delight X Rainbow's Blue Genes)


We are happy to offer this gorgeous all white Gypsy gelding for sale.  He will be started under saddle and will sell with 30 days saddle training.  He is a full brother to Copycat and Bobby Blue who have both sold and gone to wonderful new homes.  If you missed out on those boys, here is your chance to get your very own 'fairytale' Gypsy gelding :)  Rambo is available to a wonderful home.


$7,500 (on payments)

$6,000 CASH PRICE!!!


~ GB Peekaboo ~

2013 Black Blagdon Filly with an Lp (appy) gene

ES Perfect Patience X Rainbow's Blue Genes

Color genetics: Black - E/E; Appy - Lp/lp; No Grey


Peekaboo is a black blagdon filly that carries the appy (Lp) gene! She was born May 3, 2013 and is out of ES Perfect Patience (Beibhinn Blue X Luck of the Irish), by Rainbow's Blue Genes.  She should mature to around 14 hands, and if she takes after her parents, she should be a fabulous mover!  She has some greats in her background like The Producer, Legend Boy, The Old Black Horse, and Bob the Blagdon.  Peekaboo is offered for sale to an approved home!


$10,000 on Payments

$8,000 CASH PRICE!!!


~ES Alioth Artair~

a.k.a. "Arty"

2011 STALLION QUALITY Black Blagdon Gypsy Colt

Beibhinn Blue X Luck of the Irish

*** SOLD ***

Photo by Jamie Mammano

Arty has been moved to his own page on the "Stallions" page.  Please click his picture to go to his page.

Page updated on Feb. 22, 2024.

~Edoras Stables Gypsy Horses~

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